Parent and Child Team

Do you have questions about the upbringing or nurture of your child? Or do worry about their situation at home or at school? Do you have a low income and do you want to apply for swmming classes, sports or something else?

There is always a Parent and Child team connected to a school in Amsterdam. You can always go here with questions or concerns.

The professionals that are a part of the Parent and Child team are not connected to the school, they are independent. Meeting someone is possible at school, in the district, at home or online.

The contact for our school is Frieda Voorhorst. You can make an appointment with her and work out together what is the situation, what is needed and, if necessary, plan a course of action. You can contact Frieda directly by email:‚Äč

For more information, go to the website or check out this Youtubevideo about the Parent and Child teams.