About us

The Bataviaschool is a school that temporarily accommodates non-Dutch children between the ages of 5 and 11 .  

The children are from all over the globe. Right now we teach children of 35 different nationalities. The purpose of our school is to learn to understand, speak, read and write the Dutch language as soon as possible.

Beside the intensive language course, children will also attend regular physical education classes. In addition, the older children will receive swimming lessons once a week.

Furthermore there are extra activities planned regularly (during school hours), such as excursions to the Artis Zoo, museums and the library.

We learn the kids about the Dutch culture, but because of the variety of backgrounds they also learn a lot from - and about each other. We take extra care to create a safe environment, where everybody is seen and respected.

After one till one and a half years the children will leave the Bataviaschool and attend the regular Dutch education system. We make sure that a smooth transition to the new school takes place, including a personal transfer of information to the new teacher. Naturally, the same goes for children that will attend highschool after the Bataviaschool.